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1.when determining whether an agent has apparent authority, the focus is on words or conduct by the

1.when determining whether an agent has apparent authority, the focus is on words or conduct by the principal directed to the third partythe third party’s subjective beliefexpress instructions given by the principal to the agentwords or conduct by the agent directed to the third party2.Jenna hires Ralph serve as her agent to purchase commercial property on her behalf. Jenna instructs Ralph to not agree to more than $250000 for any property, Jenna and Ralph agree the agency will last 6 months and Ralph will receive a lump sum of $5000 if a purchase is completed . in this example , Ralph’s authority in the agency relationship is actual and impliedapparent and impliedactual and expressapparent and express3.Peter hires Brian and tells Brian that he has the authority to make purchases for Peter’s company in this case, Brian is the third partythe principal not an agent since there is no mention of paymentan agent4.which of the following is the heaviest weighted factor in determining whether is an employee or independent contractor?the manner in which the worker is paidthe degree of control the hiring party exercises over the means by which the work is accomplishedhow long it will take the worker to complete the work whether the hiring party classifies the worker as an employee or independent agent who accepts a kickback from a third party has breached no duty as long as the agent would have contracted with the third party anywayhis/her duty of obediencehis/her fiduciary duty to the third party his/her fiduciary duty to the principal6.Which of the agent’s duty continues after the agency ends?careobediencenotificationconfidentiality7.which agent authority can potentially continue after the agency relationship ends?express and impliedimpliedexpressapparent8.which of the following is a principal’s duty to an agentreimbursementsegregationconfidentiallyobedience9.which of the following terminates an agency relationship through operation of lawrevocation (by the principal) or renunciation(by the agent)the specified result of the agency has been accomplishedthe principal or the agent has learned the other has diedmutual agreement between principal and agent to terminate the agency10.which of the following is true of an agent who terminates the agency relationship in violation of the agency agreement( ie… wrongfully)? the agent has


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