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1805ICT Human Computer Interaction:New Technology Applications


Outcomes: Demonstrate design skills, demonstrate understanding of design guidelines, ability to consider diverse audiences and contexts, ability to look forward to new technology applications

You have been given the opportunity to complete a supplementary assessment in order to pass 1805ICT Human Computer Interaction. Your supplementary is a small design brief where you are asked to design a solution for that brief, and then explain your choices. This will be used to assess your skills acquired during the course. 

What is the design scenario?
You are tasked with developing the designs needed for the development of a technology solution. You will need to generate different possible solutions, and then develop a set of designs for at least one of your solutions. You will need to explain why you have made your design choices, and you will need to apply everything you have learned during the trimester to your solution.

 Your client is a company that sources and sells groceries from farmers and suppliers in the local region to clients as a farm to table solution. They would like an   application that they can provide to their regular subscribers to support them in tracking the food in their fridge and pantry. Functionality to consider includes:
• Adding to or removing food and suppliers from their personal storage in pantry and/or refrigerator how would you do this, and what information would you         need to record?
• Generation of recipes based on what is currently in their personal storage
• Shopping list functionality
• Search functionality
• Visualisation techniques – how could you innovatively visualise the personal storage of goods to the consumer?

Your client has specifically requested a product that is innovative and engaging. You are free to choose whichever technology platform that you feel
will best deliver this product – how could you best utilise technology to deliver
an innovative solution?

You will need to complete:
• The attached design brief template documenting your work. This will include a description of your product (scope), including audience,
   audience characteristics, design considerations, and objectives.
• Set of designs for product – apply the tools we have covered, such as:
 Card sorting
 Task analysis
 Use cases
 Affinity diagrams
 Kano model
 A prototype for your solution

How much is enough?
You need to produce work that would be sufficient to support an initial design effort. As a general guide, you should aim to apply 1 or 2 supporting design
tools, and produce a mock-up/prototype of your application. Your work can be paper-based, or digital, but everything must be submitted electronically to
your convenor. You will need to discuss how your design would work on the technology that is available, and detail any additional technology that might be
required for your product to be deployed.

When and how do I submit my Supplementary?
You will submit your supplementary using the online submission point provided on the course site.

How will you assess my Supplementary
You will be marked based on your application of the course material, the designs you have developed, and your justification for your design choices. You need to achieve at least 50% in order to pass the course.


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