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360o Evaluation: The Pros and Cons of Multi-Source Performance Appraisal

Paper topic:    360 degree Evaluation:  The Pros and Cons of Multi-Source Performance AppraisalThe PMP should consist of a separate cover page, a 10-12 page narrative report, as well as, an additional bibliography. See specific instructions below.Select a major topic. Describe your interest in this topic (i.e., why did you choose this topic) and what you hope to gain from increasing your knowledge about this topic.What is a current/future trend or controversial topic within the major topic area? Describe the current trend or controversial topic within the major area. Offer support for why this is considered either a current/future trend or controversial area.  Note: This paragraph frames the rest of your paper. Make sure you provide sufficient support for why a certain topic is either a current (or future) trend and/or controversial.What impact will this trend or controversial topic have on the HR function of an organization? For example, consider how the trend or controversial topic will impact responsibilities of the HR area within an organization, employees, and the entire organization in terms of competitive advantage, employee satisfaction, heath/safety/wellness, etc. B. Writing Style & FormatPlease review the writing and formatting guidelines below. Please consult your instructor if you have specific questions about any of these areas.Style & Format:Type in a 12-point, serif font type (e.g. Times New Roman).Use one-inch margins.Use third person. You can use first person (I, me) when writing about your interest in the major topic.Writing style will be professional, in mostly active voice, with no contractions, misspelling, or run-on sentences. Please take advantage of Microsoft Word’s (or similar word processing software) grammatical and readability tools for checking grammar and writing style.Use headings and sub-headings (if needed) to organize main ideas.  Use bullet points, tables, or other visual emphasis techniques to increase readability of paper only when needed. Nothing is emphasized if everything is emphasized!Include an introductory (generally describes topic and previews main ideas) and a summary paragraph (reviews main ideas and offers closing comments).Use APA for referencing. ( Provide reference list on separate page at the end of report.


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