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49115 Facade Engineering : Glazed Balustrade


Assessment Task 1

Part 1 (15%)

Below is a glazed balustrade on a balcony of a commercial/retail building in Sydney:

Assume aluminium posts are spaced at 1500 c/c. Each glass panel is continuously supported at the posts and horizontal bottom rail (but not at the handrail), ie glass is supported on 3 sides

Aluminium post is a rectangular hollow section 150 mm deep by 100 mm width. The post cantilevers from the balcony slab. The ultimate wind load on the balcony is 2 kPa.

i) Determine the live load on the handrail (refer to loading requirements AS1170) (2%)

ii) Determine thickness t of balustrade post X required for wind and/or live loads to satisfy both strength and serviceability requirements (5%)

iii) Describe what type of glass you would use and why. (2%)

iv) Design the glass (state type of glass, thickness) for the wind loads and/or live loads (3%)

v) Design the handrail for the live loads. (3%)

Part 2 (15%)

An architect has decided to incorporate a small area of glass floor in one of the levels of a commercial building.

The glass floor is 2 metres wide by 6 metres long and the glass is to be minimum double glazed units. Each glass panel is 2 metres by 2 metres. See sketch below:

a) Knowing that the glass should at least be double glazed units, describe the type of glass you would use for the floor and explain why you would use such glass. (4%)

b) Design the glass for the floor (8%)

c) Document your design (drawings essential) so as to be sufficient to convey the design intent to the contractor. Note that the contractor will not be looking at your calculations but will be relying on your drawings in order to understand the concept and the extent of the work. (3%)


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