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7001HSV Foundations Of Research Inquiry: Empirical Study


Task Description
Write a research proposal for an original empirical study. The proposal is intended to build on Proposal Part 1. The proposal must incorporate:
Introduction incl. brief review of literature, which ends with the study’s aim & RQ
Description & justification of research methods (design, sampling, data collection, analysis)
Discussion of research ethics (for applied studies), OR outline of comprehensive search strategy (for non-applied studies)
Timeline & resources/budget, and
Description & justification of limitations

In this proposal, it needs to be argued that there is a gap in knowledge worth investigating (into & lit review), and that the proposed methodology to address the research question is the most suitable/appropriate to answer this question and contribute to this gap in knowledge.

Word Limit
2,500 words maximum.
Word limits are applied strictly. Markers will not read beyond the maximum word count of submitted documents. The word limit does not include:
Title page
Reference list
Gantt chart
The word count does include:
Body text
In-text citations
Budget/resources table

Criteria & Marking

Introduction (incl. brief literature review, proposed study aim and resarch question) (10 marks)
Research methodology (35 marks)
Ethical considerations (if proposed study is applied) OR Search strategy (if proposed study is non-applied) (20 marks)
Feasibility & limitations (15 marks)
Academic standards of writing and referencing (15 marks)
Please see the assignment overview document and marking rubric for a breakdown of the marking criteria.

Papers will be marked individually and electronically and will be returned to students via Turn-It-In. Feedback will also be provided to the group as a whole on the course site.

Assignment Extensions
If you are unable to submit this assessment item before the due date and time, please apply for an assignment extension via.

Application for an assignment extension must be submitted through the online application form by the due date.
Your application must also include appropriate documentation to support the grounds on which you are requesting your extension of time.

As per Assessment Policy, assessment items submitted after the due time and date will be penalised by 5% of the total weighted mark for the assessment item, for each working day that the item is late. This also applies to assessments submitted after an approved extended due date. Assessment items submitted more than five working days after the due date will be awarded zero marks.

Published systematic reviews
Take a look at these studies provided below – particularly the Method section. They provide helpful information as to what to include.


Source link


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