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AC6906 Research and Reflective Practice Programme : Data Collection Methods


Question :

Please submit the completed form to the College Reception by the deadline (date on front page). It is your responsibility to ensure that the deadline for submission is met.

Literature review (1800 – 2200 words): Conduct a full literature search to provide a critical review of the current understanding of the topic area. This should clearly identify the gap in knowledge that your research topic will address and this set the context for your proposed research question.

3. Summary of Literature Search (not included in word count):

In this table provide details of the search engines or data bases you have used e.g. iCAT, Goggle Scholar, JCM; the search terms you have used and how these have been refined where needed. For example, if your search generates a high number of “hits” or results, you will not be able to look at all of these to find any sources that are relevant so your search terms will need to be refined and it is recommended you use Boolean Search terms to help you do this. If you have refined your terms, state this in the column “number of useful hits” and provide details of the outcome of the refined search.

4. Research Question(s) (not included in word count):

 Proposed study design : (Provide an outline of your proposed study design and data collection methods with justification). For guidance please refer to the section “Planning your Dissertation” in the Dissertation handbook (page 5).

5. Study Design:

Please provide an brief account of your study design (case studies, surveys, audit, literature research, experiments, reflective research; see Appendix 3 of Dissertation handbook).  Justify your choice with reference to the literature on research methods.

More than one design can be used if appropriate.

6. Methods of Data Collection:

Provide an account of the data collection methods you will use (interviews, questionnaires, documentary analysis, observation, literature search, physical measures). Justify your choice with reference to the literature on research methods. More than one method can be used if appropriate.

Sample Population and Participant Recruitment:

Please include details of the following

1. Inclusion and exclusion criteria – who will form your sample?

2. Mechanisms to identify participants – how will you identify them?

3. Approaching participants – how will you approach them to ask them to take part?

4. Recruitment of participants – how many participants do you need? When will you begin recruitment?

5. Do you need to obtain consent? (Anonymous or Confidential)

8. Provision for participant’s withdrawal

9. Any other relevant details e.g. permission to survey a particular population

8. References (not included in word count):

9. Student Declaration

I agree to devote the time required for the successful completion of the described research study, to respond to advice given by my supervisors, and to acknowledge the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in any publications that may result from this work.


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