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Addiction and Obsession (Celebrity) – Study Room


C e l e b r i t y A d d i c t i o n C a s e S t u d y An a l y s i s P A PE R I NS T R U C T I O NS a n d G r a d i n g R u b r i c
Basic Requirements
3-4 pages long (double spaced)
At least 3 resources
References cited within the text and listed in the reference page in APA format
Submitted through Canvas Week 12 under the appropriate link
10% of overall grade
Each student will select a celebrity of their own choosing who has had (or has) an addiction problem
whether a substance use disorder, or another behavioral addiction such as gambling, technology, eating,
dieting, shopping, sex, etc. Students are to research the addiction of their celebrity and analyze the case
from a biopsychosocial perspective. In addition, students should provide a race, class and gender analysis
of their case study. Finally, students should discuss addiction treatments/approaches that were undertaken
or suggest possible strength-based treatments and harm reduction approaches that they could have taken.
This should all be summarized in a 3-4 page, double-spaced paper. Please select appropriate resources (at
least 3 reliable articles, books, etc.) to analyze and discuss the celebritys addiction.
It is NOT acceptable and is CERTAINLY plagiarism if students download or cut and paste information
from the Internet without properly citing it. Other forms of plagiarism include copying another students
work and claiming it as ones own, or purchasing or stealing term papers from an outside source.
There are numerous ways to reference (or cite) material. Please use APA format. The Berkeley College
LibGuide on APA formatting can be found here:
DO NOT forget to attach a Works Cited (or References) page also in APA format. Failure to do that is
also a form of plagiarism.
The Celebrity Addiction Case Study Analysis is to be uploaded in Week 12. The discussion board for
Week 14 is a discussion of the final paper in which you must respond to 5 of your peers papers.
The rubric for the Celebrity Addiction Case Study can be found below.


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  • Pay special attention to your references. You need to insert citations (author, year) at the end of the sentence or paragraph. Author is a person(s) conducing the research or credible organization such as Center for Disease Control and Prevention or World Health Organization. Website is not considered an author; make sure that you indicate the author providing the information on this website. Then, list all the references at the end using APA format.
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  • Addiction and Obsession (Celebrity)
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