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Answer following questions Short answer responses should be about 5-7 sentences in length. 1. True or False: The Federalists Papers argued that the Constitution should include a Bill of Rights. 2. Tru

Answer following questionsShort answer responses should be about 5-7 sentences in length.1. True or False: The Federalists Papers argued that the Constitution should include a Bill of Rights.2. True or False: During the Revolutionary period, Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation offered freedom to all indentured servants and slaves who agreed to join British forces.3. True or False: The Pilgrims established the first permanent English settlement in what would be the United States.4. Regarding the Columbian Exchange, all of the following are true EXCEPT:a) It was a two way exchange of plantsb) It was a two way exchange of diseasec) It was a two way exchange of animalsd) It was a two way exchange of slaves5. The Roanoke colony is described as “lost” because:a) The colonists settled outside the Virginian boundariesb) The colonists seemingly disappeared from the settlementc) The colonists never arrived at their intended destinationd) The colonists didn’t receive royal approval for their settlement6. In 1640, when three indentured servants ran away, the punishment for John Punch, identified in the colonial record as “negro” was:a) a life sentenceb) 120 pounds tobaccoc) several yearsd) a death sentence7. The 1787 Northwest Ordinance prohibited:a) Established religionb) Indian Reservationsc) Slaveryd) Land Speculation 8. All of the following are true regarding the Iroquois Constitution EXCEPT:a) It demonstrates that prior to European contact Native peoples lived peacefullyb) It demonstrates the significant roles women played in the Iroquois communityc) It demonstrates the role that nature played within the Iroquois communityd) It demonstrates the existence of an alliance between the Five Nations 9. The Mayflower Compact of 1620 asserted that:a) Each member of the community would observe the Puritan doctrines of brotherly affectionb) An agreement existed between Indians and settlers that they would peacefully co-existc) Just and equal laws made by male representatives onboard were to rule the settlementd) The price for tobacco was set by agreement between the colonial wealthy elite and the king10. Stono Rebellion was made up of:a) a group of colonists who rebelled against the royal governor, James Stonob) a group of indentured servants who rebelled against tobacco landownersc) a group of enslaved peoples who sought freedom in Spanish held Floridad) a group of native peoples, the Stono, who rebelled against the colonists11. Which of the following is true regarding Zheng He:a) With his massive fleet, the Chinese undoubtedly made it to America in the fifteenth centuryb) His intent to “extract tribute” from “barbarians” reflects a common attitude among explorersc) An expert propagandist, his images of the new world embellished the available bountyd) In 1498, he was the first to successfully make the voyage from Europe to the Indies12. In what way does the Woman Who Fell From the Sky creation story demonstrates the role of women in Iroquois society:a) Women serve as negotiatorsb) Women are fierce warriorsc) Women control the animalsd) Women create the world13. At its origins, all of the following are true regarding the Constitution EXCEPT:a) Fugitive slaves, even those in “free” states, were returned to their ownersb) Only 3/5 of the slave population was counted for representative purposesc) The authors unabashedly included the word slave in the US Constitutiond) The abolition of the external slave trade would not be considered until 180814. In a few sentences, summarize the arguments that the petitioners in the “Four Petitions Against Slavery,” use to demand their freedom. (VPH, Four Petitions Against Slavery, 54-58) 15. Using examples from the document, explain some of the main ways that Thomas Paine argued that separation from England was “common sense.” (VPH, Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 87-91)16. How did the colonists organize to oppose British power so effectively? In your answer, discuss the role of communication in facilitating the colonial resistance, being sure to cite two specific examples of resistance. (Ch6, Making Connections, Q3, P150)17. Although the United States denied its female citizens equality in public life, some women were able to exert considerable influence. How did they do so? What were the consequences of this ideology for women? (Ch10, Making Connections, Q3, P260)Part 2: Essay QuestionDirections:  This is not a formal essay response. The essay does not need an introduction, thesis statement, or conclusion. Instead, using the key terms from the outlines and study guide, tell me what you know about this subject. A complete answer, when applicable, will draw upon all aspects of the course: lecture notes, class discussions, assigned readings, handouts, and film clips. How did the communal goals of New England settlers compare with the aspirations of the tobacco and rice planters of the southern colonies? In other words compare and contrast the northern colony of Massachusetts with the southern colony of Virginia.  (Ch4, Linking to the Past, Q1, P95)


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