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APT6016 Foundations Of Counselling: Mental Health Professionals


APT6016 Foundations of Counselling


Students are to choose a target audience for their fact sheet and discuss two theories from the unit information. One theory is to be a counselling theory and the other theory is a career counselling theory.

The information is to be aimed at providing information that would be useful for their target audience.

Process: Familiarise yourself with possible designs and structures of educational factsheets Decide on the audience for your factsheet (e.g. community agency; mental health professionals; student counsellors; school staff).

The following sections could inform the structure of your educational factsheet: Title – Beliefs and values of theories in the counselling and career development process Audience – e.g., community members; mental health professionals

Student counsellors Alignment with the literature from the unit and wider reading Definition, components and processes of crisis counselling Research Definition Precision & Clarity Comprehensiveness Testability Usefulness Application to diversity in clients Application across the lifespan Format:

Program: MSWord or MS PowerPoint Paper size: A2 Pages: One, including reference list Title: Ensure the factsheet has a title including your name and student number Word Count: Between 850-1200 (+/-10%) depending on graphical content. The reference list is not included in the word count.

Orientation: Landscape or portrait Font: Times New Roman 12pt is to be used throughout, except in the case of headings, which may use a larger font size, and the reference list, which should use 8-10pt Visual aspects

It is expected that visual aspects such as the use of colour and the inclusion of images or graphic elements will form part of the successful completion of the assignment. Images and graphics should be chosen for the purpose of information, and not decoration.

Language: The language in an educational factsheet should be tailored for the audience it is directed at. Consequently, the tone may be less formal and the wording can be simpler to meet the needs of a lay audience. 

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