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Are you overwhelmed by complexity?


Are you overwhelmed by complexity? If so, you are not alone. Peter Senge notes that people are now able to create far more information that anyone can absorb, and he continues to say that the scale of complexity is without precedent (2006, p. 69). This detail complexity can make managing a business and making informed decisions particularly difficult. Additionally, because organizations do not operate in a vacuum, they are invariably dealing with dynamic complexity. A company that attracts new customers with an innovative product will likely find itself facing many competitors with a similar offering. The market changes as a result of the new product, and the competitive response further changes the market. These shifting dynamics constitute the world in which most managers operate.

To prepare for this Discussion:

As you review Senges Chapter 5, A Shift of Mind, consider his descriptions of detail complexity and dynamic complexity.
Then think about organizations with which you are familiar. The organizations could be businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, or current or former employers. Think about examples of detail complexity and dynamic complexity at these organizations. Choose at least two organizations for this weeks Discussion.


Post an analysis of detail and dynamic complexity on systems performance within organizations. In your analysis, include the following:

1. Provide a brief overview of the organizations you chose.

2. Using two or more examples from your selected organizations, illustrate important elements of detail complexity and dynamic complexity within their systems and explain the impacts (both positive and negative) of such complexities.


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  • Are you overwhelmed by complexity?
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