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AVM 201 Introduction to Air Transport Industry- Air Carriers History


Written Assignment

This assignment is intended to do the following:

1. Better introduce students to the air transport industry.

2 Offer students an opportunity to practice their research skills in examining a single air carrier.

3. Provide students the opportunity to prepare a written report in English of their research, and present their findings to a live audience.

Each student, subject to instructor approval, will choose an airline based in the United States to undertake their research. The research report will contain the following:

1. Description of the Airline – A thorough discussion of the airline, including the air carrier’s history, the development of their route system, the fleet composition, and the airline’s management.

2. COVID-19 Pandemic Issues — How is the airline currently handling the effects of the pandemic.

3. Future Projections – Describe the airline’s long-term future in a post-pandemic world, including passenger projections, aircraft procurements, destination changes, etc.

The report is to be of professional quality and created using Microsoft Word. Each student is expected to submit the written reports at the date, time, and location specified by the lecturer. The report must include both textual references and a reference list at the end of the report for all sources. Each report is also expected to have a professional-looking cover that contains the student’s name and student ID number, the title of the paper, the course number and the submission date.


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