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Barilla SpA – Study Room


Read the article and answer the questions

There are actually two problems in the case: The fundamental problem that is being solved and a problem with the solution to the problem.

Barilla question 1 concerns the fundamental problem that is being solved. What is the fundamental problem? What are the factors that contribute to the fundamental problem?

Clear Instructions/Guidance

Do not repeat case facts unless they are necessary for your analysis. For example, a comment such as the company was founded in 1928, does not reflect analysis.

Make sure you address the question/issue as asked. Do not address a different question than the one that was asked.

Stick to the facts given in the case: there is no reason to go to outside sources for information.

The most difficult part for students to understand is that some posts reflect deep insight by the student

Write a post with deep insight

Only Use the article as a source


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