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Based on your Executive Summary Draft template from Week 3 and the feedback from the peer-review and your instructor In your Executiv

Based on your Executive Summary Draft template from Week 3 and the feedback from the peer-review and your instructor In your Executiv


Based on your Executive Summary Draft template from Week 3 and the feedback from the peer-review and your instructor

In your Executive Summary 

  • Describe the mission, vision, nature of the business, the services or products, customers served by your chosen health care organization.
  • Identify two to three key problems that have profound impacts on one of the stated areas.
  • Propose a minimum of one solution to each of the identified problems.
  • Identify a minimum of three specific, measurable, attainable, realist, and timely (SMART) project goals.
  • Appraise two possible obstacles and opportunities in your proposed solutions.
  • Formulate a strategic (action) plan to accomplish goals and solutions.

Peer Review Form

Use this form to provide feedback to your peer’s Executive Summary Draft.

Peer’s Name: Evette Grayson

Evaluator Name: Amanda Greer

· Does your peer explain his/her selected healthcare organization, problems, solutions, and goals, (or obstacles/opportunities and action plan) clearly?

Yes, Evette does explain the healthcare organization, problems, goals, and solutions very clearly and with good detail. The outline of her ES is very straightforward.

· Was there anything in this ES Draft that was confusing? If so, what was it? How could this be improved?

At first, the layout of her ES was confusing to me, but once I read it through a couple times it all began to make sense. However, the mission statement was a little confusing to me even after several reads. I just can’t seem to understand the full mission of this hospital. This could be improved by making the mission statement short and sweet, straight to the point. The solutions section is also a little confusing and lacks some detail. Maybe she could elaborate of what types of technology will be helpful in reducing wait times in the ER.

· What details does the writer include? How and why these details are important?

Evette gives great detail on how wait times in the ER/hospitals have increased over the years and has become a major problem for these organizations. These details are important because it allows the readers to see facts on wait time and how it has actually worsened over the years.

· What is good about your peers writing (i.e. content, organization of information, etc.)? Explain why it is good?

The organization of the information is done very well. I appreciate how each section is titled, so I have an idea of what I am about to read.

· Do you notice any errors that should be corrected? If so, what should be corrected?

An error I did find throughout the ES is that a lot of information is being repeated multiple times. Again, short and sweet isn’t always a bad thing.

· What are some recommendations for improvement (i.e. content, organization of information, etc.) that you would make? Please explain why you would make these recommendations?

The only recommendation I have for improvement is less repetitive information and more straight to the joint with the solutions and mission of the hospital.

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