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b’Assignment xc2x96 Research in E-CommercePurpose: To research a topic of interest in e-commerce; to demonstrate learning of course content, and ability to analyze a business topic in e-commerce as an origin’

b’nAssignment xe2x80x93 Research in E-CommercePurpose: To research a topic of interest in e-commerce; to demonstrate learning of coursecontent, and ability to analyze a business topic in e-commerce as an original work.Value: 60 marks Weight: 30%TaskInvestigate a topic in e-commerce that is of interest to you that you will investigate and analyzemore deeply. The topic is up to you xe2x80x93 a topic of your own choosing xe2x80x93 but you are required tosubmit your well-formed topic for approval to ensure it is well formed, well focussed and isrelated to the topics and learning outcomes of this course.EXAMPLES of Possible / sample topics include the following. Of course, you will create your own topicas it relates to the course content. Ensure. You are very focussed in your topic.1. Investigate, analyze and compare how digital transactions differ across three nations: Country 1,Country 2 and Country 3.2. What is the likelihood of cryptocurrencies being adopted in Canada? Examine the xe2x80x9cmechanicsxe2x80x9d xe2x80x93what would it take to actually implement, the barriers xe2x80x93 banking and government regulations,the market acceptance xe2x80x93 is there a demand from merchants or consumers? What are the risks?3. How is mobile commerce impacting shopping / spending habits across 2-3 different countries?4. Services marketing, social issues, changing business models, opportunities in e-c, the impact ofthe IoT.5. Examine the role of mobile apps in e-commerce. What benefit do they provide to a business?What challenges are there in planning, developing and maintaining a mobile app.Deliverables1) TOPIC — Submit a well-written topic paragraph along with 3-5 quality research sources forapproval. Be very focussed and specific in your topic. Broad topics are difficult to address wellin a short amount of space and time. [See course calendar for due date] Be specific in outliningthe issues and questions you are seeking answers to. xe2x80x9cQuality sourcesxe2x80x9d = business journals,academic journals, established (mainstream) digital publications. NOT Wikipedia xe2x80x93 though, thisis a good starting point, NO blogs.2) DOCUMENTWrite a well-researched and well-formed document as an original work.Do not include a title page. Do not include a table of contents. These are not necessaryProvide an introduction clearly explaining to the reader what you will present and discuss inyour paper. Provide a conclusion that summarizes your key findings.VERSION: Fall 2019Use headings throughout your document. This helps the reader (and the grader) to clearly seeand understand your work.Provide support for all your thoughts and opinions with facts and evidence through research.Cite your sources. Cite all sources with APA formatting Failure or neglect to cite sources byproviding the name of the author, article and date will result in a diminished grade.Expected word count: 1500 – 1700 words (over the expected word count will be penalized)Include well labeled images, tables, charts to help support your writing.Include an appendix for any extra information xe2x80x93 images, data, charts etc. this does not applytoward your word count, only the body of your text ‘


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