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Because it may be a significant part of a clients social environment, spirituality plays a vital role in your understanding of the client, their n



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Najeeb is a 72-year-old Pakistani American who immigrated to the United States 40

years ago. He has two grown daughters, Nasrin and Mira, who live in nearby

communities with their families. His wife, Maryam, passed away approximately 10 years

ago after a long illness. Najeeb and one of his daughters served as her caregivers

during that time. Najeeb currently lives alone in the house he and his wife bought, in a

predominantly Pakistani American neighborhood.

Najeeb owned and ran a popular news stand in the city until 5 years ago, at which point

he retired and sold the business. Najeeb disclosed that he enjoyed operating the news

stand because he had “a sense of purpose” and “lots of people to talk to.” Since retiring,

much of his social life has been focused on his Muslim faith and his family, with worship

at the mosque and visits with his daughters and grandchildren. His routine has also

included daily walks around the neighborhood for fresh air and communion with others.

Recently, Najeeb has begun to experience health-related concerns which have

impacted his ability to walk and socialize with peers. Najeeb disclosed that religion is a

big part of his life; however, he now has limited ability to ambulate, so he cannot engage

in daily ritual prayer in the manner he is used to. He also cannot easily get to the

mosque, as he does not own a car, cannot walk, and public transportation is difficult for

him to navigate. According to Najeeb’s daughters, these mobility concerns have had a

major impact on his psychological functioning. Nasrin and Mira have recognized a

change in their father’s demeanor, describing him as “depressed” and “hopeless.” They

encouraged Najeeb to reach out to the local agency on aging for assistance.


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