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BIT202 JavaScrip : Digital System


BIT202 JavaScrip


The focus of this assessment is on producing client-side digital systems, with a choice on writing pure JavaScript utilising the Browser-Object Model (BOM) or utilising the script element within a html file.


Create an algorithm, digital solution and documented testing for the Javascript Puzzle stimulus that best illustrates your abilities in relation to the standard descriptors.
In your algorithm, illustrate your understanding of the computational logic required to deliver your solution. Once this is complete, generate your digital solution. After development is complete, thoroughly test your solution functionality and evaluate its performance.

To complete this task, you must:
• analyse and create an algorithm in pseudocode using standards appropriate to the genre, which illustrates the computational logic required to solve this task, to an acceptable level of granularity
• generate source code, demonstrating commenting that evidences authenticity and understanding
• test and evaluate your solutions performance and functionality in terms of:
Inputs and outputs (anomalous/limits/extremes/falsepositives)
UX (aesthetics/seamlessness/intuitiveness/navigation/minimalism)
Efficiency (speed/responsiveness/size/resource use + limitations)
Security (privacy/IP protection/reliability + recovery/integrity = userproofing
Scalability(platform independence/modularity/concurrency)

Javascript Puzzle is a collection of puzzle simulation games that is played either via the
Browser Object Model or within the script elements in a html file. There are three puzzles in total and one must be completed in order for the next one to be revealed. Check out what each entails in Schoology and be sure to find out from your teacher how to answer the puzzle if you’re having trouble doing so.

You are encouraged to imitate the puzzles’ functionality to best illustrate a satifactory ability and then to build an additional puzzle or puzzles to demonstrate a higher ability of skill. You are welcome to complete your solution within a single .html file, wrapping your JavaScript within a pair of

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