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BSMAN3005 Project Management : Human Resource


BSMAN3005 Project Management



This assessment task assists students to develop skills in:

• Know the nature of projects and project management 

• Be able to identify the objectives, scope and constraints of a project 

• Understand some of the human resource management aspects of project management 

• Understand the techniques of time and cost estimation in the project planning environment

• Understand how to conduct time/cost trade-offs

• Comprehend the abilities of projects to deliver strategic objectives through the implementation of change.

• Develop the basics of a project management information system and design reporting formats for different levels of management 

• Assess the risks and uncertainties involved in projects, and develop project plans and techniques which address efficiency and effectiveness criteria 

• Understand the difference between managing through hierarchies and managing through projects 

Task Overview: 

You are to develop a short business case, identifying a need for change within a business, and develop the components required to “sell” the project, including any resources, (e.g. IT System), to deliver the proposed change, to senior management in your business. This can be based on a business that you currently work in, or a business that you used to work for. The business case can also focus on a hypothetical product or service that you wish to develop as a project.

Part of this assignment is to develop a business case format. The business case should contain details of the proposed project background, objectives, current 
situation, problem/opportunity statement, critical assumptions and constraints, analysis of options and recommendations, preliminary project requirements, budget estimate and financial analysis, schedule estimate, and potential risks.

Your project business case should be presented in the appropriate report format and include referencing in the APA style as appropriate. So, make sure you use a variety of quality sources. 

The paper must show a definite comprehension of the material and be free from errors, written in MS Word and submitted as one document. 

This assignment is worth 20% of the final grade. 

Assessment Criteria:

• report content, structure & presentation;

• quality of business case;

• analysis of options and appropriate recommendations

• quality and accuracy of financial analysis;

• appropriate risk assessment and application of risk strategy; and

• appropriate use of references and in-text citations.

Refer to marking rubric for assessment criteria detail.

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