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chief complaint of increased urinary frequency and dysuria – Nursing assignment writers


A 79 yr old women comes into a walk-in clinic you are working as a NP with chief complaint of increased urinary frequency and dysuria. Urinalysis reveals pyuria and positive nitrites. She mentions she has a “bit of kidney trouble-not too bad”. Recent evaluation of renal status is unavailable.

1. What would you consider for therapy?

2. Explain the rationale for therapy as well as considerations that you would include while prescribing this medication.

3. Considerations should also include drug resistance and how you would assess this patient for possibility of drug resistance.

Please be brief with your answers-do not copy answers from the book-read the case study and answer in your own words-briefly! You are not required to cite as your answers should come from your textbook-it is a demonstration that you understand the content and the case study.


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