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Chinese History: 1) You have been named as foreign policy adviser for Paupaushynland, a small island country in the South China Sea which lies near…

Chinese History:1) You have been named as foreign policy adviser for Paupaushynland, a small island country in the South China Sea which lies near an important route for ocean-going vessels.  You have few natural resources and are surrounded by stronger neighbors such as Vietnam and the Philippines. You are also aware, of course, of relations and tensions between China and the United States in the Pacific.  How do you advise the Paupausyhnland government?2) You have been given special powers to recall individuals from the past to the present.  You have assembled the following people in a room and you ask them to vote to decide which person among them is most Chinese.  They cannot vote for themselves and they must vote until they reach a majority.  Give the outcome of the vote (including each round of voting if there is more than one round) and provide reasons for the vote(s) of each voter.  Note, this is your evaluation of who they think is the most Chinese among the other four.             Wang Xifeng             Yung Wing             Qiu Jin             Li Dazhao             The Dalai Lama3) It is 2016 and you have been asked to recommend a foreign relations (defined broadly) adviser for president Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China.  Through the magic of EASC 160 and a time machine, you have the following candidates. Please rank them from best candidate for the job to worst, and provide a reason for your ranking.  Of course, you will need to determine a set of priorities for the foreign relations issues China faces in order to provide a framework for your analysis. You may assume that each one of them can quickly come up to speed on the situation in 2016             Sima Qian             Du Shiniang             Sun Yat-sen             Chiang Kai-shek             Lin Biao4) You are an ambitious young non-Chinese person with an interest in finding a job in China.  If you could choose, which of the following areas would be the most interesting time to work and would provide you with the greatest upward mobility?  Please rank them from 1 to 5 in terms of their attractiveness and provide reasons for each ranking. Keep in mind the attitudes towards foreigners, your strengths as an individual, as well as opportunities for making an impact.The Ming and Qing dynasties (before 1850)The late nineteenth-century Qing periodThe first half of the twentieth century (the republican period)Mao’s ChinaThe 1980s and 1990s


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