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COMM 263 Interview Due in 6H

Write 4 pages about an interview with an Indian Student who lives in the U.S the more you read the examples the better you understand the content.Read the Attached documents Example1 and 2 Write The 4 to 5 pages in the similar way of the examples.NO RESOURCES ONLY YOUR WORDS.(Make sure you stick to the Grading Rubric)COMM 263 Interview Paper Grading RubricITEM                                                                                           POINT VALUETITLE PAGE:                                                                              10 pointsRunning head/TITLE                                                                2 pointsAppropriate page number                                                     2 pointsProper information listed (title, name, course)2 pointsProper APA style followed (font, spacing, etc.)                 4 pointsPAPER:                                                                                       90 pointsIntroduction reveals topic focus & gains attention           10 pointsPaper cites interview properly in-text using APA              10 pointsPaper reflects detailed insight into interview                    25 pointsPaper flows well and discusses topic thoroughly              25 pointsConcluding paragraph developed effectively                     10 pointsPaper avoids contractions and follows paragraph rules  5 pointsProper APA font, size, spacing, etc.                                      5 pointsTOTAL:                                                                                       100 points


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