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Compare and contrast the three Sample Mission Statements below. Evaluate them for overall effectiveness addressing what is strong, weak, effective, or ineffective and state your reasons.xc3x82xc2xa0Sample 1: Hu’

Compare and contrast the three Sample Mission Statements below. Evaluate them for overall effectiveness addressing what is strong, weak, effective, or ineffective and state your reasons.xc2xa0Sample 1: Human Resources Mission Statementxc2xa0Our mission is to treat each person as a valued customer while contributing positively to the bottom line of [Company Name] through comprehensive programming that displays a thorough understanding of all aspects of the human resources profession, including proactive involvement in areas of legal compliance and service that displays an enthusiastic interest in the lives of others. xc2xa0We will continually develop our own repertoire of skills and maintain a balance between our personal and professional lives. xc2xa0Sample 2: Human Resources Mission Statementxc2xa0The mission of [Company Name] is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit. To our employees: We are committed to provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged forxc2xa0BHR 3352, Human Resource Management 3xc2xa0improving the effectiveness of [the company]. Above all, employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every [company] customer. xc2xa0Sample 3: Human Resources Mission Statementxc2xa0It is the mission of the human resources department to provide the following quality services to the employees of [Company Name]:xc2xa0xefx82xb7 recruitment of qualified individuals; xc2xa0xefx82xb7 retention of valuable employees; xc2xa0xefx82xb7 training, development, and education to promote individual success and increase overall value to the organization; xc2xa0xefx82xb7 a safe and healthful working environment; xc2xa0xefx82xb7 inspiration and encouragement for a high level of employee morale through recognition, effective communication, and constant feedback; and xefx82xb7 resources for administering benefits, policies, and procedures. xc2xa0These services are achieved through a teamwork philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, xc2xa0proactive efforts, and maintenance of a balance between professionalism and the ability to have fun!xc2xa0Part Two:xc2xa0Create and briefly describe a fictional large company of your choice. This is your company and it should preferably be in your current or desired future industry. This company and the HR mission statement you create will be used as a foundation for future assignments in this course.xc2xa0Use your analysis to write your own HR mission statement for your fictional company. Consider the following questions when evaluating and formulating your mission statement. Keep in mind that good mission statements are short, clear, concise, & brief hard-hitting comments on your mission.xc2xa0xefx82xb7 Why does your HR function exist? What do you want for your customers and how can HR provide that? xc2xa0xefx82xb7 Who are your customers and what can you do for them that will enrich their lives and contribute to their success, both present and future? xc2xa0xefx82xb7 What image of your function do you want to convey internally and externally? Customers, employees and the public will all have perceptions of your company. How will HR help create the desired picture?xc2xa0xefx82xb7 What level of service do you provide to employees and the company? Don’t be vague; define what will make your service extraordinary.xc2xa0xefx82xb7 What kind of relationships will your HR function maintain with customers? Every company function is in partnership with its customers. When you succeed, so do they.xc2xa0xefx82xb7 What underlying philosophies or values guided your responses to the previous questions? Some mission statements choose to list these separately (as core values or vision). Writing them down clarifies the “why” behind your mission.xc2xa0xefx82xb7 Does your HR functionxe2x80x99s mission statement describe and support what your company will do and why it will do it (the companyxe2x80x99s core values)?xc2xa0There is a minimum requirement of 1000 words for this assignment. ‘


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