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Compare, Contrast, Conclude – Study Room


Section 3 Assignment: Compare, Contrast, Conclude

Use the information you gathered in Lesson B: Activity 3: Pros and Cons of Oil and Biofuel* to compare and contrast the production of biofuels with oil. You can choose to present your comparison/contrast in one of these ways:

A multi-paragraph essay (250 words per paragraph)
A computer slide show presentation
A poster If you have completed the activity, most of your work is done for you. But you must still draw an informed conclusion from your pros and cons comparison.

Most importantly, you need to have a thesis that is consistent with and which evolves out of your comparison. For all of the presentation options, make sure your comparison/contrast addresses the questions below. What do the answers to these questions suggest?

Weigh the pros and cons of both sides. (Which has more pros? Which has more cons?)
Comment on the pros and cons of each energy source. What conclusions can you draw from your comparison?
Does either seem like a viable option for the future?
What would seem to be required to entertain any alternative means of producing energy, in particular for vehicle use?



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