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COVID-19 Impact on The Global Tourism Industry Nursing Assignment Help


Assignment Task


“Because of the pandemic since it started in Wuhan in December 2019, most countries have limited cross-border travel and have therefore had an impact on the global tourism industry. Most countries have shut down the border to control the spread of the virus. By early 2021, COVID-19 vaccines have been broadly introduced and are effective and can reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. That has enabled people to cross the border and will give an opportunity to the tourism industry.” In preparation for the opening of the border, the Government of Malaysia plans to develop an Electronic COVID-19 passport information system (eCPIS) to store Malaysian immunization information. You are required to develop this system to keep immunization information and allow passport control officers to retrieve each individual immunization information. eCPIS should contain the following information:

  •  Personal information (Name, passport no., age, and gender)
  •  Vaccination status (completed 2 doses or partially completed or not taken)
  •  Vaccine information (Type of vaccine, Date of receiving vaccine)


Design object-oriented programming which demonstrates the use of base class, derived class, inheritance, composition, and friend functions. The program should allow a user to do the

following tasks:

 Enter information

  •  Update vaccination information.
  •  Search each individual vaccination information status via passport no.
  •  list of unvaccinated persons
  •  list of individuals who received certain vaccine such as Pfizer, Sinovac or AstraZeneca
  •  Statistical Information, for example
  •  Total number of individuals who received vaccine such Pfizer, Sinovac and AstraZeneca
  •  Total number of individuals fully vaccinated, partially, or un-vaccinated
  •  Vaccination information according to age and gender.
  •  Many more …


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