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CS378 Parallel Programming|Speedups Calculations – Study Room


Programming Assignment – Parallel Programming Attached Files: • Patterns_of_Parallel_Programming_CSharp.pdf • Activity – Arrays in Parallel.docx • Program.cs The attached C# Console App (Program.cs) calculates three values: 1. 1,000,000 square calculations x 100 times calculated in one core sequentially, 2. 1,000,000 square calculations x 100 times in 4 groups of 250,000 executed in Parallel, and 3. 1,000,000 square calculations x 100 times purely Parallel (attempt to calculate them all at the same time). Submit your 3 results and calculated speedups in a .doc file Submit a .doc file which includes the processor of your computer (include the number of cores) and the results on your computer along with speedup calculations.

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