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Definition Of Physical Security TermsFormat with APA guidelines.1.     Access control2.     Asset3.     Asset protection priorities4.     Barrier5.     Building envelope6.     Corrected color temperature (cct) rating7.     Closed circuit television (cctv)8.     Crime prevention trough environmental design (cpted)9.     Detection10.  Environmental disasters (with examples)11.  Executive protection12.  Intrusion detection system13.  Natural disasters (with examples)14.  Perimeter protection15.  Physical security16.  Physical security measure17.  Policy18.  Private security19.  Private security officer20.  Progressive collapse21.  Proprietary information22.  Proprietary security organization23.  Protection-in-depth24.  Risk assessment25.  Risk management26.  Security incident27.  Security measure28.  Security survey29.  Security vulnerability30.  Site hardening31.  Stand-off distance32.  Surveillance33.  Tailgating34.  Terrorism35.  Threat36.  Uninterruptible power supply (ups)37.  Video surveillance


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