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Describe and discuss your neighborhood’s features.


In this third essay for the course, you will be writing about your HOME as a communal space that is located within one of the 36 neighborhoods in the city. To provide a history and description of this dimension of home requires a number of steps:

1) Begin with an expanded definition of HOME–one that now includes body/mind, physical residence, city and neighborhood. This definition should open your thesis paragraph.

2) research and develop a brief and overarching history of the city. The course materials we’ve read so far have focused on some major moments in San Francisco’s history: a) the interaction between Native Californians and the Spanish missionaries; b) the Gold Rush; c) the 1906 Earthquake and Fire; d) the urban redevelopment projects.

3) identify your neighborhood/district and place it into the broader context of San Francisco history. What are the migratory patterns of the neighborhood: Who lived in it early on, and who lives there now? Where is it in the city? When did it become a SF neighborhood? What is its specific history–trace the major moments in its development. What has it become today?

4) Describe and discuss your neighborhood’s features. What makes it beautiful, fun, convenient, safe and social? What makes it a good place to call home?

5) Discuss its problems. What about it would you like to change?

6) Conclude with ideas about how you could help improve it or preserve its finer aspects.

I live in mission district in san Francisco. Please research and write the essay on mission district. I live in orange alley and that is located between Bartlett street and 24th street. I live right by the popular mission and Valencia street.


  • What is the current GDP growth rate for the U.S.?
  • What are some of the current statistics and future statistics for AD in the US and the world.
  • Describe and discuss your neighborhood’s features.
  • When, How, and Why did cities across the united states encouraged African American suburbanization in the 20thcentury?
  • Identify challenges African Americans experienced involving the pursuit of adequate housing.
  • Write about the limits of Walzer’s Just War Theory.
  • Describe contextual elements family dynamics, role of culture and society, intrapsychic as well as interpersonal elements.
  • Discuss and analyze the reading materials utilizing text summarization, critical thinking, and textual evidence.
  • Define/describe the policy/practice and its origin (Provide an introduction to the topic and paper).
  • Write a response in which you consider how important legislation in this era reflected the evolving values of contemporary society.


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