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Describe barriers and/or obstacles that you had to overcome. Describe how you overcame the barriers.


All students will write a one-page essay (400-500 words) describing your progress towards and ultimate achievement of your stated goal. Submit on BB by uploading a WORD DOCUMENT.
For Part 3 answer these questions in essay form:
1. State your goal and why you chose it.
2. Did you achieve your goal? Explain in detail how you did it. Or how much progress you made towards achievement.
3. Describe barriers and/or obstacles that you had to overcome. Describe how you overcame the barriers.
4. How satisfied are you with your performance?
5. What would you do differently?
6. Based on this assignment, has your confidence in achieving personal goals increased? Why or why not?
7. How has this assignment helped you with setting and achieving goals?
Oral Presentation
All students will make a 2 minute oral presentation to the class describing their goal and its achievement and answer questions from the audience. Please do not just read your written report. The oral presentation is an opportunity to relate why you choose your goal and how well you did in trying to achieve the goal. Discuss the problems/barriers you had and how you managed them. Most of all try to be yourself by describing an interesting occurrence that happened during this assignment. You want to encourage everyone to ask questions.
Grading: 25% of your final grade.
The entire goal assignment parts 1, 2, and 3 make up 25% of your grade.
Students will be graded on their goal description; their daily record or journal; their oral presentation and the self-evaluation of the goal including progress made towards achievement of the stated goal.
Please use Times New Roman 12-point font, one-inch margins. Please check spelling, grammar, and sentence syntax. Check all sentences for punctuation, and proper verb usage.

Please use the examples of goal part two I have attached to complete goal part 3, please.


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  • Describe barriers and/or obstacles that you had to overcome. Describe how you overcame the barriers.
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