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Describe the key philosophies of the counseling profession: wellness, resilience, and prevention.


This assignment is designed to start you on the journey of intentionally planning your professional development and career trajectory. Find at least two articles related to professional identity, key philosophies, and technology within addiction counseling. With these articles and your Internet research on state licensure or certification requirements from Unit 2, prepare a 4-5 page paper that includes the six components listed below. Note that the assignment components are to be written in third person unless otherwise noted. Also, all components should be grounded in the literature and Web sites used in Unit 2, and cited in APA format. The final page should be your specific plan for professional development.
1. Describe the key philosophies of the counseling profession: wellness, resilience, and prevention. Explain how the wellness model impacts the way in which counselors view clients and the concerns brought to counseling.
2. Articulate the roles and characteristics of an effective professional counselor for at least two different professional roles.
3. Compare and contrast two professional counseling associations, such as NAADAC and the ACA, and assess how these organizations can help in a counselor’s professional development.
4. Describe what you learned about your state licensure and certification requirements and how your planned coursework does or does not meet these requirements. What steps will you need to take independently from your degree program in order to complete any licensure or certification goals you have?
5. Considering the rise of technology in modern society, evaluate how technology might affect your clinical practice, assist you in creating innovative solutions, and optimize your performance.
6. State your ultimate goal in your career trajectory. Based on what you learned in Unit 2, discuss a timeline of how you will meet this goal. What kind of training and certifications would be helpful? What kind of resources in your state will you need to consider? Summarize your future professional development steps and your timeline to complete them.
Other Requirements
* Written communication: Communicate effectively through the appropriate application of grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing mechanics and professional tone, while adhering to current APA style.
* Number of resources: Two academic, peer-reviewed resources. Distinguished submissions will likely exceed this number.
* Formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style in accordance with the APA requirements for this course.


  • Discuss how the idea of naturalism or modernism is depicted in your authors work.
  • Describe the key philosophies of the counseling profession: wellness, resilience, and prevention.
  • Discuss about Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement.
  • What different models of Aboriginal self-government have emerged in Canada, according to the Papillon article?
  • Compare and contrast the fables ‘The Fox and the Raven’ and ‘The Dog in the Manger.’
  • What are the potential downfalls and positive influences of the Netflix Way?
  • Explain why their writings are unconventional for their time while also comparing them to todays society.
  • Explain how you reached the answer or show your work if a mathematical calculation is needed, or both.
  • Explain either the theme of innocence or the theme of love as it pertains to the narrators of each poem.
  • Describe both a positive and a negative impact that your emerging technology solution could have on the people or current processes in the organization, providing two examples for how to address the negative impact.


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