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Design Healthcare Organization – Study Room


Assignment as follows:

You were the successful candidate for the following job ad:

A hard-working, intelligent health care leader who has current knowledge of the principles of organizational theory, design and behaviour. The successful candidate has the opportunity to create a new health care organization. This new unit/organization can be a new nursing unit in a large urban hospital, a community health facility, a remote rural health clinic, a tertiary hospital or another type of health care organization. The Board Chair (instructor) requests a written submission (maximum of 15 typed double-spaced pages and a maximum of 5 pages of appendices) at the completion of this project (end of the course). The final submission should include references to current literature on organizational theory, both from the course materials and additional to the course. The final submission is to be presented in current APA format.

Sections to Include in Your Final Submission

(In all sections justify your decisions. Use references from course and other materials as appropriate. Put all references in current APA format.)

1. Determine the type of organization you are designing. Give your organization a name. Describe the mission statement and values of your organization.

2. Draw an organizational chart for your organization indicating how you will include interdisciplinary members of the organization. Describe your organizational design.

3. Describe the leader of your unit/organization. Give the leader/manager a name and describe the leadership style and characteristics of the leader/manager.

4. Write an ad that will be used to recruit staff for your unit/organization. Indicate where, and when, you will advertise for staff.

5. Discuss the flow of communication within your organization. Describe 5 strategies the leader will use to ensure effective communication.

6. Describe one team that will function in your organization. Include a description of your rationale for forming this team and describe how you will ensure the group will function effectively,

7. You need to chair a committee to develop a policy related to the use of social media at work. What would your draft policy include?

8. On the first day your new unit/organization opens the leaders comes across two nurses having a heated debate in the hallway related to how student nurses should be mentored. Describe how the leader should handle this situation. Justify your discussion using current literature.

9. Are you going to support evidenced-informed practice in your organization? Why or why not? Are there any other ways you will ensure quality of care?

10. Describe the work design used in your organization and justify this choice based on organizational theory literature.

Use of course material is required.
Course material articles attached:
1. Saxena, A., Davies, M., & Philippon, D. (2018). Structure of health-care dyad leadership: an organizations experience.
2. Ackley, D. (2016). Emotional intelligence: A practical review of models, measures, and applications.
3. Biswas, N., & Mazumder, Z. (2017). Exploring organizational citizenship behavior as an outcome of job satisfaction: A critical review.
4. Fiorio, C. V., Gorli, M., & Verzillo, S. (2018). Evaluating organizational change in health care: The patient-centered hospital model.
5. McDowell, T., Agarwal, D., Miller, D., Okamoto, T., & Page, T. (2016). Organizational design: The rise of teams.
6. Jie, T., Min-Shi, L., & WenpBin, L (2017). How workplace fun influences employees performance: The role of person-organization value congruence.
7. Ng, T. H. (2016). Embedding employees early on: The importance of workplace respect.
8. Ulrich, B. (2017). Using teams to improve and performance.


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