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Determining Teacher Proficiencies – Study Room


Review the following documents using the Standards and Proficiencies link on the MSED Documents page:

RWRCOEL Diversity Proficiencies (PDF)
RWRCOEL Professional Dispositions (PDF)
RWRCOEL Technology Proficiencies (PDF)
Standards for MSED Program and Professional Educator Success (PDF)
Note: This document includes the NBPTS Core Propositions
Then follow these directions : create A creative representation of the relationships among the NBPTS Core Propositions,* RWRCOEL Professional Dispositions, Technology Proficiencies, Diversity Proficiencies, and a set of standards that govern your own professional practice.
Note: Your creative representation could be a graphic organizer, an infographic, a narrated animation, etc.
Caption your representation with 2 or 3 sentences explaining the insights you gathered as you created the representation.


  • Cold War and Communism Writing
  • Should the United States continue to fund space travel?
  • Vietnam: Weak Policy and Military Strategy
  • Please write a comparative essay examining the debate and arguments made about how to restrict and regulate immigration to the United States in late 1800s-1920 [including what was considered valuable in terms of immigrants contributions to American society, and what was considered dangerous or negative about immigrants role in American society in 1920, and how that would justify restriction], versus the debates and arguments about how to restrict and regulate immigration to the United States in 2020.
  • Identifying and Analyzing Leadership in Action
  • Data Gathering and Data Analysis
  • Psychological interventions
  • How can unions help improve an “organization’s culture? How can they make it “worse”?
  • A specific issue across the lifespan – for example transgender or autism or impact of divorce
  • Determining Teacher Proficiencies


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