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Develop A Full Stack Solution



Module Learning Outcomes Assessed

ILO 1 Select, evaluate and apply standards, tools and techniques for assuring software quality.

ILO 2 Select, evaluate and use tools and techniques to successfully manage a large scale software project, including configuration management and version control.

ILO 3 Critically evaluate an architectural design against accepted quality criteria.

ILO 4 Critically review a software development process and apply these to a complete product.


You have been employed by a firm of software engineers to develop a full-stack solution for one of their clients. The work was started by your predecessor who left to get a more senior job with another company but before they left they had developed a completed registration and login system backed by a full suite of tests. You should use their code as the basis for the work you develop. You must develop the system assigned to you (see the Topics section) using the Assignment base code supplied in the Codio online IDE.

You are also required to submit a reflective report that covers the architecture of your system and the development processes you adopted. This should include evidence from your project.

Getting Started

Do the following immediately (right now) and get in touch with the module leader if you are having any difficulties:

1. Install the Aula app on your smartphone:

Ask any questions in the assessment channel, do not message the module leader directly unless the question is of a personal nature.

Before posting a question, read the Glossary of Terms section below as well as the previous messages in the assessment channel.

2. Use this link ( to create an account and access the technical lab exercises and coursework template. You may need to register using your University email address and this must not include the .uni part

3. You should now be able to access the Assignment. This is where you will be writing and testing your code.

4. Create a new private GitHub repository in the 340CT organisation:

The repository name should be your university username (eg doej).

You should add a suffix to reflect the semester in which you are taking the assessment (eg. doej-sem2)

The description should be the assignment topic.

The repository must be private.

5. Add this remote repository to you project in Codio:

Use the Clone or download button and copy the URL to the clipboard.

Open the terminal in Codio and use the git remote add origin xxx command to add the remote (where xxx is the URL).

Technical Skills

In order to be able to complete this assignment you will need to learn some specific technical skills.

There are eight interactive “Books” on codio containing self-paced labs that are designed to get you started and you are encouraged to complete these during the first part of the module (weeks 1-6) so that you will be ready to dive into this assignment when the time comes.

The Report

As part of the assignment you are required to submit a report of under 1,500 words that should contain:

A section covering the design of your system. This should show how you came up with a suitable system design (architecture), describe this using a correctly structured and labelled component diagram and, for a higher grade supplement this with a carefully chosen range of other suitable UML diagrams to clarify this design from different perspectives.

A section where you reflect on a few of the important decisions you made during the development process, justifying your decisions. For the higher grades you need to identify any poor choices, explain why, and discuss viable alternatives.


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