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Did you research more to validate the story?


NOTE: Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW:

Provide an example of a story about violence or gender issues that informed you on the topic or person involved in the story.

Did you research more to validate the story?

Did your follow-up affect your view or reinforce it? Why?


  • What is the gender bias issue you selected?
  • Did you research more to validate the story?
  • Labor management
  • What are the major healthcare programs now available in the US? Compare their components as they relate to different ethnic/social/economic groups of people in the current healthcare system.
  • Students will select one journal article (which is listed in a bibliography at the end of the syllabus), read the entire article and write a summary (35 pages). The journal article summary serves as the midterm. When writing your summary, answer these questions: What stood out to you? What did you learn? How did the journal article influence your knowledge of Tennessee history?
  • Research Paradigms and Christian Worldview
  • Telescopes
  • What are the qualities and characteristics of a good research question?
  • An Evaluation of the Dilemma at Benevento Foods: Understanding Cause and Effect and Recommendations for Improvement
  • In this 3-page essay (double-spaced, not counting the title and/or the cover page), discuss three sources pertaining to your qualitative research proposal. Literature review: After identifying a research topic, qualitative researchers need to collect as much information as possible about the topic. The second step is reviewing relevant research on this topic. Your abbreviated literature review (3-page paper) will consist of an analysis of three peer-reviewed articles. It should not only discuss the contribution of these three sources to the research proposal, but also should also include a critical analysis of the particular methodologies used by the authors of the selected articles.


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