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Discuss about Teaching CTE in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Investigating the lack of FIR technologies in public education.


Submit Specific Research Topic based on your Industry Sector (200 words) (2.5 points); Blackboard Introduction (2.5 points)

Directions for your research paper:
You are to write your research paper for this course, using APA style. Papers that have been graded by other instructors cannot be accepted for this class. Further, all papers will be examined by (Links to an external site.) for possible plagiarism.

You can choose any topic that is of interest to you in the field of adult education. It would be beneficial if you could try to describe, predict, improve or explain a problem or issues in Adult Education, using supportive evidence. Complete with double spaced typewritten pages and with one-inch margin. Some hints on where to locate a research problem:

Unexplored implications of a theory
Personal experience
Conflicting conventional wisdom
Reaction to a proposed political change
Literatureresearch reviews; review of research and education; handbook of researcher teaching; journalsEnd of studies point to the need for more research, unusual or surprising findings may need replication; important studies may need replication in other context, other measures, other methodology over time, other population.

A research problem should be:

Something you are interested
Something about which there is legitimate uncertainty
Something that could make a difference in the professional body of theory and practice
Worded to clearly indicate what should be studied and should point to a more specific research hypothesis
Research problem should be manageable in scopetrade off between feasibility and external validity
Amenable to scientific research
Philosophic judgments are out.

Some suggested topics for this course:
The Roots of Andragogy
The Role of Adult Educators
Self-directed learning in Adult Education
The prevalent learning styles in Adult Education
The prevalent teaching practices in Adult Education
Culture and selection of teaching approaches in Adult Education
Andragogy and Distance Education
Experiential learning in Adult Education
Creating teachable moments among adult learners
The education of the third agers in the learning society.
Adult learning and law enforcement.
Adult learning and firefighters.
Evaluation strategies in adult education.
Self-evaluation in adult education.
Teaching philosophies in adult education.
Facilitation skills in adult education.
Ethical leadership in adult education.


  • Is it possible for the cinematic element in a fictional movie to play a significant role in conveying philosophical ideas (In a similar way as literature can)?
  • Discuss about Teaching CTE in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Investigating the lack of FIR technologies in public education.
  • Explain how personal and business ethics can be subconsciously overridden in decision-making.
  • What is the difference between effective training and training effectiveness?
  • What does each text communicate about what it means to be human?
  • What is the value of providing post-training support groups for new trainees?
  • Explain why Xenophon’s Symposium shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  • Discuss how LeGuins short story presents and critiques the concept of utopia through satire, identifying what perceived evil is being exposed.
  • Explain how patient pain is assessed and manage in the critical care setting.
  • Explain how the Brain Directly Impacts Human Sexuality.


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