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Discussion Question Week 4

PLEASE DO E-ACTIVITY PRIOR TO ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS.Disussion FormatOne to one and a half page(s)- paragraph format – single spacedTimes new Roman12 fontSite any sourcesNOT A RESEARCH PAPER – NO COVER PAGE – NO INTRODUCTION OR SUMMARY – JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONSE-ActivitiesUse the Internet to research employment tests (i.e., drug tests, medical examinations, polygraphs or honest tests, and scored tests of ability). Be prepared to discuss.Question 1 – Using the e-Activity above, choose two (2) of the following employment tests: drug tests, medical examinations, polygraphs or honesty tests, and scored test of ability. Next, analyze the manner in which the testing itself could be considered illegal when an organization does not properly use it during the employment hiring process. Justify your response.Question 2 – Give your opinion of the purpose of the Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ), as discussed within the text. Then, suggest two (2) occupations where the discriminatory requirement is legal. Justify your response.


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