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Discussion: Temperament – Study Room



1. Search the web for information about temperament in children. Read text Chapter 4 (Emotional and Social Development: Temperament) and watch the video in Module 1 Resources called Power of Introverts.

2. After you have done #1 above, tell about the different temperaments you see in your family members and/or family of origin in your discussion. (Remember that “temperament” refers to a lot more than just having a bad temper!) Regarding family relationships, how did temperament play a part in the family dynamics? What did you learn about temperaments and introverts from the Power of Introverts video and was your impression of that video? (Be specific and detailed.) In what ways can you see how that has affected your relationships with your children? In your marriage or other relationships? Please share the answers to these questions as you are comfortable. (Feel that’s too personal? Discuss what you learned about temperament.)

3. For full credit post a response that is at least 200 words in length (Pssst…it is MUCH easier to read if you write in small paragraphs rather than one big long posting.) Reply to at least 2 other classmates (may be shorter in length but please with some substance). You will not be able to see posts by other classmates until you submit your initial post. Below these instructions, click Reply, type your message and click Post Response. (Do NOT use attachments.)

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