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Discussions Due Before 11 pm (Tuesday) Tonight

Discussion 1Many managers and supervisors find coaching difficult to do or are reluctant to do it. What do you believe are at least two important reasons for this? How do you think the obstacles you identify can be overcome? Explain your answer fully and incorporate material from this week’s readings where appropriate, to help support your answer. (1 to 2 Paragraphs)After you submit your answer, post a response to one of your classmates’ contributions. Do you agree or disagree with the post? Why? What else could your classmates consider, and why? (1-2 paragraphs)Discussion 2Search through the school’s Online Library articles as well as independent Web sites for information about social security. In your opinion, will social security benefits have to be changed or social security taxes increased by 2042 to keep the system going? Why or why not? What do you suggest be done?


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