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Does Aromatherapy Have Scientific Validity in Promoting Health?


Does Aromatherapy Have Scientific Validity in Promoting Health? Write a paper providing at least 3 empirical findings by citing 3+ empirical articles from biological psychological studies, drawn from fields including: behavioral neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology, cellular/molecular psychology. PubMed is a good source for articles. Then, answer the selected question including an introductory paragraph, 3+ paragraphs of data-based evidence, and a conclusion paragraph. Please remember that quotations are not generally used in science writing, whereas paraphrasing (with attribution) is expected. In other words, this is a riff on a 5-paragraph essay, based on a prompt from the book.

(1 pt) Format: Times New Roman: size 12 font, 1.5 spacing, 3-5 pages
(1 pt) Margins: 1 left/right/bottom margins, 1.5 top margin
(1 pt) Include the critical thinking question at the top of the 1st page
(5 pts) Writing: e.g., proper spelling, clear writing, strong logic
(2 pts) In line references and References page: APA format.

(5 pts) Introductory paragraph: Provide a roadmap of the evidence you are going to levy to answer the question
(15 pts; 5 pts each) 3+ pieces of empirical evidence that you summarize and logically link to the question
(5 pts) Summary paragraph: Bringing together your data to cleanly and neatly end the essay.
No quotes


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  • Does Aromatherapy Have Scientific Validity in Promoting Health?
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