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Does the company do a good job of engaging your attention and building your interest in its products?


In this discussion students will explore social media and micro- blogging marketing. Students will review and analyze the key points for using social media in business communication through the evaluation of social media and micro-blogging posts.

Analyze the seven key points for using social media in business communication.
Explore the role of blogging in business communication today.
Post your answer to the following topics by Thursday. Respond to two or more fellow classmates (2 posts) by Sunday. When crafting your posts, be considerate, resourceful, and pay special attention to the advancement of the discussion.

Your initial post MUST be 150 words minimum, not counting the bibliographic entry.

Select ONE company with a large social media following. Look at POSTED discussions by other students first and make sure you’re NOT using a company already chosen by another student.

3M McDonald’s
Airbnb Microsoft
Apple Nike
BarkBox Nordstrom
Chanel Old Spice
Charmin Oreo
Chipotle Patagonia
Coca Cola Starbucks
DHL Subway
Dove Tesla
FedEx Uber
Ford UPS
Glossier Verizon
GoPro Warby Parker
IBM Wayfair
Lego Wendy’s
Lyft Zappos

1) In one paragraph REVIEW/summarize at least 10 of your selected companys social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, including a brief description of how and where the company promotes its product. (Mention the platform where you found the posts). In this paragraph, you are sharing what the COMPANY is saying about products, events, services.

Show clearly the number of the post investigated (1, 2, 3, etc.) out of your total of 10 and what it said, and what platform it was in/at. You can mix and do some from multiple platforms.

2) Then in a second paragraph EVALUATE the companys communication style based on the posts. Consider the following questions when developing your evaluation AND use key words and phrases from these evaluation questions in your analysis paragraph (bold the key words):

Look up any terms or phrases you don’t know and make sure you understand what these terms mean!

Does the company do a good job of engaging your attention and building your interest in its products?
Does the company use social media influencers?
Does the company promote use-generated content?
Does the company use community engagement?
Are the headlines concise, specific, and informative?
Does the company moderate user response posts?
Do not post an evaluation of a company that has already been provided and evaluated. Check the forum before posting your resource. Credit will not be given for repeat companies.

A minimum of two response posts to your classmate or instructor is required. Responses to your classmates or instructor should provide thoughtful insight into the topic, include information that directly relates to the course content, and moves the group discussion forward in an effective manner. Response posts for this discussion should provide additional insight regarding the quality of the information presented and additional evaluation. Please note that students should not be providing opinions of the company as a whole. The focus should be on the content of the social media examples. Each response post should include a minimum of 100 words. Each post must demonstrate proper grammar, spelling, word usage, and effective communication practices.


  • Describe barriers to the implementation of patient-centered evidence-based care in your practice environment and share actions that might be taken to alleviate these barriers.
  • Which theory do you think will be most applicable to teaching students in your content area and why?
  • Discuss the role of insurance (or lack of insurance or public support), Medicare, or Medicaid with your selected vulnerable population.
  • Describe your commercial in writing or you can vide or audiotape your description.
  • Explain how generalizable are GEs management development policies and practices?
  • What rubric factors would you use to determine whether an organization uses a traditional or strategic approach to HRM?
  • Identify a problem within the topic and draft a problem statement.
  • Does the company do a good job of engaging your attention and building your interest in its products?
  • Explain WHY this event is important to you, us, and/or the rest of the world.
  • Discuss the importance of integrating cultural background knowledge for ELLs in the classroom.


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