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Doing it for the likes.

            Is there anything that has this generation, all generations really, in a bigger chokehold than clout? Honestly, everyone and their grandmother want to be TikTok famous or go viral (which, side note, doesn’t that phrase seem slightly black plague-y) on the interwebs. I honestly understand how getting your fifteen seconds of fame can be appealing, but this has gotten out of hand. In the chase for clout, many people have done some things that are just….embarrassing. What video popped up in your head? Mine are those disconcerting, aiming for sexy but failing horribly, getting arrested POV videos on TikTok. They are a guilty pleasure, honestly. I digress. Cringe videos aside, the chase for clout has a bigger disservice; People lose their authenticity chasing the next trend. Because how will you know you are loved if not by the number of likes on Instagram?

            This is what scares me the most about social media apps. People just lose their personalities to model themselves after what is popular. It’s especially easier for young people to get stuck in this trap. Chasing clout but never quite getting it, constantly changing yourself so often that you can’t remember what you actually like doing so that people can like you. Newsflash, no one really cares. So why bother? I’m not saying it will be easy, but you can slowly wean yourself off that clout high. Start by eating a meal you enjoy without posting it on IG. Maybe take a book to the beach and leave your phone behind. You’ll be shocked at how at peace you’ll be just enjoying yourself at that moment. And slowly but surely, you will discover what brings you the greatest joy—doing things you like, instead of doing it for the likes!

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