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EG50S3 Safety and Risk Management Frequency



Assignment: Risk assessment of a Hydrocarbon storage facility:

1. Using structured what-if technique, develop a table of all hazards and mitigation strategies.

2. Develop an Event Tree for fire and determine the quantitative risk of all outcomes along with Mean Times between those events.

3. Develop a Fault Tree and associated probabilities with loss of containment as top event.

4. Perform LOPA for the system and analyse whether current design meets the target risk frequency, if not, propose safeguards to meet the target. In case of using enabling condition or conditional modifiers, valid justification must be provided. [Target risk should not be more than one fatality per million years].

5. Develop a bow-tie diagram by identifying all active and passive controls. 6. Develop an SOP for contract workers for the inspection of the storage vessel during the shutdown of the facility once every 5 years (work-permit for the vessel entry).

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