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Rites and Rights of PassageAs we study the ancient societies such as the Greeks and Romans in lecture, we will encounter incidents of “when a child reaches a certain age”.  Given this concept of benchmarks in society, I feel it is good to review our own experiences to see if there are rites (ceremonies) or rights (entitlements) in our lives.  These events may be related to culture, tribe, religion, nationality/ethnic origins.  Some of these rites/rights may be based upon religious beliefs, some may be points/markers of age or maturity in a given tribe, culture, or society, and denote the achievement of responsibility or accountability. They can be celebrations marking specific maturity.  I am reasonably sure that all have observed some rite/right of passage.How do you see these rites/rights of passage in your own life?  This is the point of the assignment. Our origins and backgrounds are necessarily different because our cultural heritage differs.  While it may overlap in some areas, we are each unique in our expression and the significance given these experiences.  Remember, these rites/rights are symbolic of the values of our civilization.  You may take a personal, or an academic/analytic approach to this assignment.


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