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Executive Summary Book Review and Critique


“Brownlee, S. (2008). Why too much medicine is making us sicker and poorer.”
Executive Summary Book Review and Critique – Presentation via VoiceThread
Purpose:To explore a cutting-edge or classic book that informs current thinking specific to health policy or economics and that ideally relates to the doctoral students content area of interest or expertise.
Directions: CONTENT REQUIREMENTSPlan on a 10 13 minutes presentation.
Begin the presentation with the book information, including title, author, publication year and interesting information about the author (Use the APA format for the book.)
Provide a synopsis of the book.
Why did you select this particular book?
How is its message relevant or irrelevant to DNP prepared nurses?
What did you learn? How did the book impress you? How did it disappoint you?
Would you recommend the book to others?
Lessons learned from the book? Did it influence the way that you viewed an event or issue? How did the book affect you?
Anything troubling about the book?
How did you feel during your read and how did you feel after completing the book?
What did you think after completing the book? Were you changed by the book?
Should your colleagues read the book?
Original posting and peer responses are evidence-based (EB), informed
by assigned and selected readings, and supported by scholarly, current
or classic, peer-reviewed and/or highly reputable sources. Evidence
supports all statements of facts, theories, practice standards,
experiences, and opinions. Cites additional resources as appropriate and
satisfies the number of outside references required for the specific


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