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Exp19_Word_Ch02_HOEAssessment_Maintenance – School Writers


#Exp19_Word_Ch02_HOEAssessment Maintenance


#Exp19 Word Ch02 HOEAssessment Maintenance


Project Description:

As an intern in your school’s maintenance department, you have been asked to prepare a communication that specifies the schedule of several services and reminders for staff and faculty during the upcoming break. The department’s supervisor has provided details for you to include in your document. The document will be posted to the school’s intranet as well in different areas on campus, so you’ll need to make sure it looks professional.



Start Word. Download and open the file named   Exp19_Word_Ch02_HOEAssessment_Maintenance.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename.




Change   the document theme to Organic, theme colors to Blue, and theme fonts to   Office. Apply the Lines (Simple) style set.

Note, Mac   users, apply Simple style set.




Select the first paragraph in the document, Winter Break:, bold it, change the   font color to Blue, Accent 1, Darker 50% (sixth row, fifth column), and font   size to 44.

Create a new paragraph style named Reminder   Title based on the Title style, which is applied to the first   paragraph.




Format the second paragraph Maintenance Reminders as bold and   small caps.




Select the paragraph Note to supervisors: Please post a hard copy of this reminder on the   bulletin board in the coffee room. and highlight it in yellow.




Select   most of the document beginning with the HVAC   Schedule paragraph and ending with the [email protected] email link, and apply the following formats:

a) a line spacing of 1.15

b) paragraphs as Justify

c) paragraph spacing after of 6 pt, and

d) a first line indent.




Select   the paragraph below the heading HVAC   Schedule and set a right and left indent of 0.5”. Center the text. Apply   6 pt paragraph spacing before the paragraph. Apply a top and bottom double   paragraph border of ½ pt in Blue, Accent 1, Darker 25%, and set the shading   to Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 60%.




Apply Heading 1 to HVAC Schedule and Reminders.   Change the paragraph spacing before for Heading 1 to 6 pt.




Apply Heading 2 to Dorms, Academic Buildings, Administrative   Buildings, General Tasks, Break Areas, and Office Spaces and Other Areas.




Select the five paragraphs under the General Tasks heading,   starting with Set thermostats and   ending with Turn off lights, and apply the default numbered-list   format (1., 2., 3.). Decrease the indent so the bullets begin at the left   margin.




Select   the four paragraphs under the Break   Areas heading, starting with Empty   refrigerators

and ending with in the middle shelf of the refrigerator, apply a checkmark   bullet, with a font






Points Possible


color of Blue, Accent 1, Darker 25%.   Decrease the indent so the bullets begin at the left margin. Create a new   style named Bullet   Paragraph based on this new format.

Apply the   Bullet Paragraph style to the three paragraphs in the Office Spaces and Other Areas

section,   starting with Unplug chargers and   ending with products from the area.



Insert   a page break (not a section break) immediately before the Reminders heading. Select all text   starting from the General Tasks heading   to the last bullet Remove any cardboard   boxes or flammable products from the area and format the selected text   into two columns with a line in-between.




Display the document in   Outline view. Collapse all paragraphs so only Heading 1 or Heading 2 display. Move the General Tasks section   to below the Break Areas section.   Close Outline view. Insert a column break so that General Tasks appears   at the top of the right column.




Insert the Digital.jpg image file at the bottom of the document next to the If you have any questions paragraph.   Size the picture with a width of 2″. Apply a Top and Bottom text   wrapping and a picture style of Rounded Diagonal Corner, White (third row,   fourth column). Remove the Background. Position the picture so that it is   above the If you have any questions paragraph.




Format the paragraph Maintenance Department as a WordArt object using the Fill: Blue,   Accent color 1; Shadow (first row, second column) style. Change the font size   of the WordArt object to 24.

Change the wrapping style of the WordArt object to   Top and Bottom. Format the WordArt object with Shape Style Subtle Effect –   Blue, Accent 1 (second row, fourth column). Visually position the WordArt   object in the center.




Scroll   to the end of the document. Draw a text box, with a height of 1” and a width   of 3”, and apply the Shape style Light 1 Outline, Colored Fill – Blue, Accent   1 (third row, second column) to   the text box. Select the three paragraphs consisting of the tel number, website url, and email address,   and cut and paste them into the text box. Apply a Top and Bottom wrapping, and remove the hyperlinks for the website and the email address. Visually position the text box in the center.




Save   and close Exp19_Word_Ch02_HOEAssessment_Maintenance.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.



Total Points


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