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#Exp19 Word Ch03 HOEAssessment Radio


Project Description:

You work with the Radio Advertisers Federation to promote the use of radio advertising. In this document, you provide a summary of research related to the weekly reach of various media sources, including tables describing the reach as well as the weekly hours most households spend with those sources. The summary will be distributed to various local advertisers as part of a mail merge process 


Start   Word. Download and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch03_HOEAssessment_Radio.docx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.


Ensure that Ruler is shown and   that nonprinting characters are displayed. Move to the last page of the   document and type the following, beginning in the first cell of the blank row   at the bottom of the table:

24 RA Tablet 78.1



Move to the second blank   paragraph following the table. Draw a table approximately 6 inches wide and 3   1/2 inches tall. Draw one vertical grid line at approximately 3 inches from   the left to create two columns. Draw 5 horizontal grid lines to divide the   table into 6 approximately evenly spaced rows of about 1/2 inch each. Rows do   not have to be precisely spaced as you will distribute them later.


   Erase the vertical gridline in the first row, so that the row includes only   one column. Ensure the insertion point is located in the first row and type Table 2 –   Weekly Hours (Average Watch or Listen Time). (Ensure that a space precedes   and follows the hyphen and do not type the period.) Press TAB and complete   the table as follows (do not press TAB at the end of the last entry):

Radio 25.7
TV 21.5
Smartphone 18.3
PC 10.7
Tablet 7.7


Select Table 2 and change the   font size of all text to 12 pt. Apply bold formatting to the first row in   Table 2. Delete the Category column in the first table. Insert a row above   the first row in Table 1 and type Table 1 – Weekly Reach of Media. (Ensure that a space precedes   and follows the hyphen and do not type the period.)


In Table 1, insert a row between   Hub and Insight. Type the following in the new row, ensuring that the new   entry is in Times New Roman, 12 pt.

Nielsen Smartphone  142.3


In Table 2, insert a blank row   above row 2. Type Source in the first cell of the new row and type Hours in the second cell. Apply bold   formatting to both cells. Select Table 2, ensure that the Table Tools Layout   tab is selected, and click Distribute Rows.


Select cells in the first column   of Table 1, from row 2 through the end of the table. Ensure that you do not   include text from row 1. Split the cells, making sure to deselect Merge cells before split. Type Source in cell 2 of row 2 in Table 1.   Complete the remaining cells in the second column as follows. (Type only   those shown in column 2 of the list below.)

PPM  30
Hub 87
Neilsen 82
Insight 26
RA 12


Insert a row below the last row   in Table 1. In the third column of the new row, type Total. Apply bold formatting to the   word Total and apply Align Center   Right alignment. In the next cell on the same row, enter a formula to sum all   cells in the column above. You do not need to select a number format.


Sort the rows containing media   sources in Table 1 (rows 3-7) by Column 3 in ascending order so that the   media sources are shown in alphabetical order. Do not include the heading   rows or the total row in the sort.


Insert a column to the right of   the last column in Table 1 and type Percentage of Total in the second row of the new   column. In the third row of the last column, type a formula that divides the   Households Reached value in the cell to the left by the Total in the last row   and then multiplies by 100 to convert the result to a percentage. The formula   is =d3/d8*100. Select a number format of   0.00%.


Include a formula in each cell   in the Percentage of Total column except for the last cell (on the Total   row), adjusting cell references in each formula to reflect the current row.   Apply Align Center alignment to all numeric entries in the last two columns.


Merge all cells in the first row   of Table 1 and ensure that the text is centered. Change the number of   households reached by TV to 197.5. Update the field in the last row of that column (the total) and   also update all fields in the last column to reflect that change.


At the first blank paragraph at   the beginning of the second page, insert text from Radio_Statistics.docx. In Table 1, apply a style of Grid Table 4   – Accent 3 (row 4, column 4 under Grid Tables). Deselect First Column in the   Table Style Options group to remove bold formatting from the first column.   Bold all cells in row 2 and apply Align Center alignment.


Center both tables horizontally   on the page. Select Table 2. Select a border style of Double solid lines, ½   pt, Accent 3 (row 3, column 4). Apply the border style to all borders.


Select row 1 of Table 2 and   apply a custom shading color of Red – 137, Green – 121, and Blue – 139.   Change the font color of all text in row 1 to White, Background 1 and ensure   that it is bold. Shade all remaining rows, including those on page 3, in Light   Gray, Background 2. Change the Pen Color to Black, Text 1, and drag the   border dividing row 1 from row 2 in Table 2.


Select the first two rows of   Table 2 and repeat the header rows so that they display at the top of the   table section that is currently shown on page 3. Include a caption below   Table 1 with the text Table 1: Household   Reach of Media Sources. (Do not type the period and ensure that a space follows the   colon.) Include a caption below Table 2 with the text Table 2: Average Weekly Hours. (Do not type the period and   ensure that a space follows the colon.) Modify the Caption style to include   center alignment with bold, italicized text.


Move to the end of the document   and press ENTER. Insert text from Ratings_Sources.docx.   Select all text from Ratings Source   to Whether   you select the paragraph mark following the URL is irrelevant; however, do   not select the blank paragraph on the following line. Convert the selected   text to a table, accepting all default settings. Apply a table style of Grid,   Table 4 (row 4, column 1 under Grid Tables) and add a caption below the new   table as Table 3: Major   Ratings Sources.   (Do not type a period.)


Begin a mail merge procedure,   selecting the Access database Source   Ratings.accdb as a recipient list. Note Mac users, select the text file Source Ratings.txt as a recipient   list.
  Edit the recipient list to add the following record and respond affirmatively   when asked to update the recipient list:

  Source ID  Company Guild Member
B9111 Insight False


Filter the recipient list to   select only those with a value of False in the Guild Member column. Replace [Company Name] in the last body paragraph on page 2 with the   merge field of Company. Be sure to   include the brackets in the text to be replaced.


Preview results and then finish   the merge, editing individual documents and merging all. Press CTRL+A to   select all of the merged document and copy the selection. Display Exp19_Word_Ch03_HOEAssessment_Radio,   move the insertion point to the end of the document (after the last caption)   and insert a page break. Paste all copied text, resulting in a 7-page   document


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch03_HOEAssessment_Radio.docx. Close all other open documents without   saving. Submit   Exp19_Word_Ch03_HOEAssessment_Radio.docx as directed.


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