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Experimenting and Testing (WEB ANALYTICS)


Please note, points will be deducted for overuse of citations.     please feel free to explore your own research for eBooks, journals and articles that best answer the topics and assignments.  Do your best to locate resources that are no more than three (3) years old. PLEASE DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A RESOURCE AND OR REFERENCE.  Please submit a Word Doc with your answers in 500 words or more, and use APA references in support of your answers. Some resources are attached for help, you may use that for help as well.   Explain in your paper how to build a successful testing program, demonstrate the importance of understanding user interactions.   Explain the importance of setting goals before you test.  Explain how the web analyst should be aware of visitor site usability.   Include why a hypothesis is so important. Explain the importance of testing and settings goals and the hypothesis. link.docxAgileAnalyticsaNewBuzzWord2015.pdfAgileAnalytics_AValue-DrivenApproachtoBusinessIntelligenceandDataWarehousing.pdf

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