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Explain and provide examples of behavioral contingencies.


What is Dipper Train?
Explain and provide examples of behavioral contingencies
Explain and provide examples of contiguity.
Explain and provide examples of functional relations.

Unit 6 Assignment, Part 2 ON TWO-PAGES
Instructions: For this assignment, write a brief (250-500 word) paper on this topic: Give a definition of reinforcement, and explain the difference between primary reinforcers, secondary reinforcers, and generalized reinforcers.” You should have a minimum of four (4) in-text citations and two separate references.. And define and provide examples of (simple) schedules of reinforcement.
Use at least 2 peer-reviewed articles and/or published books for your references. Websites are not peer-reviewed, so they should not be used as your primary sources of information. Include at least 4 in-text citations of those 2 references.
When writing a paper, it should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.


  • What do you think motivated ancient humans to write on the walls?
  • Discuss the impacts of influencer marketing on the way consumers perceive brands Some concepts to begin with (you can use other relevant concepts if you wish so): Brand Personality, Brand Respect, Influencer Credibility, Online Brand Engagement, Brand Equity.
  • Discuss how Orientalism-prejudiced interpretations of the Eastern world are still reproduced by outsiders, guests, and travelers in contemporary Southeast Asia.
  • What Resources are available to you at TCSPP to help with success in the program.
  • Write an essay that is completely reliant on peer reviewed studies that debates the advantages and limitations of using animal models to understand diseases in the human brain.
  • Describe how the data was gathered and analyzed.
  • Explain and provide examples of behavioral contingencies.
  • Explain how philosophy help us to understand what it means to be human?
  • Are you overwhelmed by complexity?
  • What is the relationship between inequalities and human rights in wealth and income?


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