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Explain how your actions would impact Marketing, Finance, Management and Operations.


The objective of the integrated semester is to help you extend your knowledge of how the
Finance, Operations, Management, and Marketing disciplines work and how they integrate
their functioning in the real world of business.
This assignment will be dealing with DISNEY and has 2 parts.
Part 1:
Listed below you will find one WEAKNESSES and one THREAT for DISNEY, read them
carefully then proceed to answer the questions that follow :
1) Disney Weakness:
Walt Disney Company has a higher employee turnover rate compared to competitors.
2) Disney Threat:
There is a predicted global recession in the near future. This can cause a
problem for Disney in the sense that attendance at their global entertainment
venues will decline negatively, impacting their revenue and profit.
Assignment Questions:
– Pick one, either the Disney Weakness or the Threat and explain how you would turn
the Disney weakness into a Strength or the Disney Threat into an Opportunity.
– Explain how your actions would impact Marketing, Finance, Management and
Part 2:
Assume you are the new CEO of Disney and you have to now rebuild the Disney Brand
Image that was damaged due to major harassment scandals so it bounces back from all the
negative publicity it received from these incidents. Note: harassment covers not only sexual
offensives against women but bullying, microaggression and offensive behaviors against
LGBTQ, people with disabilities, older members of the workforce and people from other

Your overall bounce back strategy is to commit to a change in the Disney work place culture
at all levels involving all employees in all Disney companies and divisions. After your careful
investigation and detailed understanding of the issues you want to take steps to develop a
culture of trust, respect and purpose for all employees and a harassment free work
environment in all 32 Disney Global Business units with a total of 203,000 employees. To
establish consistency in policy and procedures on a global basis requires you retain services
of an outside consulting firm with expertise in development of Human Resource Programs
that can guide the Disney Organization step-by-step through a critical process so all their
employees become trained and certified in policies to end Harassment within their
organization. The cost to implement the program is $600 per employee for a total cost of
$12,180,000.(203,000 employees x $600 each).

Your Assignment has 3 parts
– Explain how you would Announce , Market and Promote this program
internally to all Disney employees so they take a Pledge of Commitment to make
the Disney workplace a more respectful place of employment.
– Secondly: explain what Marketing action you recommend Disney take to
reverse the negative impression these harassment scandals had among
Disney PUBLICS ( their external audiences) to make all Disney divisions a more
respectful place of employment.
– Lastly , explain the impact these actions have across Marketing ,Finance,
Management and Operations.


  • What is something new that I learned?
  • Identify a job in one of the CASES and investigate the national (from at least five states) and local salary range for this job.
  • What common elements are present in many of the aggravated forms of these crimes?
  • Discuss how a Kantian ethically judge Lunar Industries practice of cloning its employee, Sam Bell, in order to supply a steady stream of reliable workers for its lunar mining operation?
  • Discuss what type of compensation and benefits an organization could offer to engage, attract, recruit, and retain a diverse and strong workforce.
  • Discuss the impact of budgetary control on organizational performance in UAE.
  • Does Aromatherapy Have Scientific Validity in Promoting Health?
  • What social issue is this meme or post propagating?
  • Explain how your actions would impact Marketing, Finance, Management and Operations.
  • Identify and describe technological tools that support the learning of early reading and writing skills for struggling readers.


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