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Explain why you think Lord of the Flies was a successful novel (even if you hated it, it won the Pulitzer, so many people liked it).



Body Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence (Mini thesis about similarities)

Quote(s) from book

Quote(s) from poem

Compare similarities and explain in detailed

Body Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence (Mini thesis about differences)

Quote(s) from book

Quote (s) from poem

Contrast differences and explain in detailed


Re-state thesis

Explain why you think Lord of the Flies was a
successful novel (even if you hated it, it won the Pulitzer, so many people
liked it).

Why are these themes relevant and important to
life? What is the purpose of reading and
pondering these topics and pieces of literature?


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FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS (intro and half of first body paragraph included only for reference, please START FROM WRITING SECOND BODY PARAGRAPH to the CONCLUSION!

In the novel The Lord of The Flies, written by William Golding in 1953, a group of boys find themselves on a deserted island after a huge plane crash. There is no adult to help them survive or tell them what to do, so they struggle to survive and organize themselves so as to not lose their humanity and civilization. They elect Ralph, a skinny, charismatic boy as chief after he calls them all to the side of the island using a conch shell. They discuss among themselves about what to do from there and eventually structure themselves into a flimsy society. However, it doesnt last long due to the jealousy and inferiority complex that Jack possesses. Jack, the leader of a group of choir boys who play the role of the hunters on the island, rebel and break away from Ralphs group and as the two groups compete, the island slowly descends into madness and the boys fall prey to savagery. In I Stood Upon a High Place, constructed by Stephen Crane in 1905, Crane writes about someone standing on a high place, looking down upon demons revelling in sins, when suddenly one of the demons looks up and recognizes them as a demon too. While the theme, believing oneself to be in the right and morally correct, is the same in Lord of the Flies and I Stood Upon a High Place. The themes are also very different because the book conveys conflict due to each person believing in their own morals and that they are in the right. On the other hand, the poem conveys being prideful for having high moral ground and being startled when the morally inferior look past that righteous facade to reveal one is just as morally inferior as they are.

Jack and Ralph from Lord of The Flies both believe they are in the right and stand for their own moral beliefs, and the poem describes that same haughty arrogance in believing oneself to be in the right. However the poem also describes the realization that they are no better than the other. The moral righteousness only being a front and excuse for the actions they commit. Throughout Lord of The Flies, Jack and Ralph constantly fight, Ralph wants to organize themselves in a civilized manner and build a fire to send smoke flares in hopes of rescue. Meanwhile Jack wants to revel in their time without adult supervision. Which is better – to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? (Golding 152)


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  • Explain why you think Lord of the Flies was a successful novel (even if you hated it, it won the Pulitzer, so many people liked it).
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