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extra credit

This extra credit assignment is worth up to 25 points or up to 5 percent of your final grade.Watch any episode of AMC’s Mad Men. You can access the show’s entire catalog through Netflix or watch most of it on AMC.After watching any episode write a clear and concise essay of no more than 750 words that examines the gender dynamics in the workplace. Make sure your paper covers both men and women. In the conclusion point out some of the social taboos you see throughout the episode. You need to mentioned at least two characters in your paper and reference at least two scenes that back your ideas. DO NOT GO TO ANY SUMMARY OF THE SHOW AND USE THAT AS A WAY OF WRITING THE PAPER. The assignment is simple, watch one episode of the show and write a paper. If I feel that you did not watch the show or you can’t show me that you watched the show in the way you write the paper, then you will not get any credit for the assignment. So make sure you watch the show, point out the similarities between men and women in the workplace, give concrete examples with character names and conclude with some of the social taboos in the show. (HINT: I’ve assigned this extra credit before and I’m well aware of the episode summaries that exist. DON’T WASTE MY TIME BY TRYING TO FLUFF ONE).Make sure to set aside a few moments to proofread. You will not get full credit if you turn in a paper that is littered with basic proofreading errors. This assignment is due 5 May. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!


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