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FPL4025N Food Chemistry Composition And Analysis: Juice Samples


Materials and Methods
Three sweet orange cultivars at full mature stage with similar soluble solid, acidity, pH and ripening index were collected from an orange farm in Spain. 10 sets of samples (5 oranges in each set) from each type of the orange were peeled, homogenised, then filtered (using 2 mm steel sieve) to produce fresh smooth orange juice samples. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) were extracted from the unprocessed samples and analysed using HPLC method. The results were recorded as mg/100ml.

Additional 20 sets of Cultivar A samples were juiced using same method described above, and further processed using two processing methods. Half of the sample was processed via thermal pasteurisation at 80 °C for 30s. The other half was treated using HPP (high pressure process) at 200 MPa/25 °C for 1 min. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) were extracted from the processed samples, and analysed using same method.

Maximum 300 works, should summarise the whole document with why the work needs to be done, how it can be done, what was the result, what the results mean. Avoid use citations in abstract

Introduction should be around 800-1000 words, not including table and figures
First part: Background of the test topic (not the test methods!), such as history, importance, and scientific backgrounds.
Second part: review of test methods

This session should be around 300-400 words, not including table and figures
You should include: data preparation and validation for analysis and presentation of the data. 

This session should be around 600-1000 words, not including table and figures
This session is used to discuss what your results mean, how it compares with other researcher’s results, what understanding it might lead to. It can be used to discuss accuracy and precision of various method, however, it should not be the solo topic in discussion.

Should not be more than one paragraph and should not have more than 300 words

I will want data analysis done in SPSS and discussion be on the methods of increasing Vitamin C content in products via breeding and other biotech methods.


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